Monday, August 1, 2011

Another day at the beach...

Once more, we returned to put our feet in the sand, but a bit further South.

Bethany Beach, DE.

 Can I just say, I instantly liked it better there than the Jersey Shore. 

Perhaps it was simply that I knew, in my head that we were south of the Mason-Dixon. 

But it also just seemed more family friendly. More us;)

And lucky for us, we were staying the night with this guy! 

And I paid him in locally grown organic broccoli and organic dark chocolate.

I've always loved the barter system. 

Our host had a goodie for the kid - a boogie board! 

And for the first time ever, he enjoyed the water, barely bothering with the sand! 


"I Wanna do my bug board!" 

"That was Cool!" 

It was great fun to see him enjoying the water, for two whole days. 

We also enjoyed some pool time at John's place, with the kid using his swimmies and swallowing gulps of chlorinated water while laughing. 

We attempted teaching him to hold his nose. He would hold it, let go, and jump in. 

Still working on that obviously. 

And who I am to teach him a thing about swimming when I can't do it myself. 

Reminder to self - check YMCA's list for swim lessons for self Abram. 

The beach wears ya out. 

Especially when you're helping a 3 year old boogie board, for hours, for days.

But, we had such fun with great friends and sunny days;) 

Side note: I had moisture on the lens of the crappy camera for all but about two pictures so pardon the blur! 


Vicki said...

Looks like a great time! LOVE the pic of Aaron and Abram passed out, too cute! Although it kinda looks like Aaron is smelling his pit and making a face, hahaha! Can't wait to get our littles together at Thanksgiving!!!

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