Sunday, July 17, 2011

making memories

Apparently the theme one week at daycare was camping. 

The kid rattled on about camping, tents, campfires, sticks, and singin' songs. 

I contemplated a camping trip here and there but wow has it been Hot! 

And who goes camping without building a campfire? 

Not Us. 

But who builds a campfire when its 102 degrees outside? 

Again, not us. 

The next best thing, a candle fire on the back deck! 

Any better ideas? 

We didn't have any obviously... 

He wad giddy with excitement to start the candle fire and roast his marshmallow. 

His first smore experience was quite exciting!

These smore sticks we're using - dollar target bins thank you! 

His marshmallow suffered many fires, and burns, and smoke as well. 

I was the official, blower'outer. 

Abram swung his marshallow over for me to give a good POOF and I somehow avoided being torched.

After viewing these pictures that night, we promptly power washed the back of the house the next day. 

Funny how you don't notice things when you walk by them every day! 

The kid dug into his smore and later had another, and then more i do believe... 

After his first one, he promptly stated it was now time to "sing songs round the fire"... 

So we broke out into Kum Bah Ya. 

Not kidding.

Husband was less than thrilled with this idea but did the daddy thing and sang along like it was his ole favorite;) 

Hopefully we didn't disturb our neighbors. 

We only sang it 9 times. 

The dogs mourned from inside that they missed the fire lite fun, and even more sad they didn't get a smore. 

but the kid was all chocolatey gooey smiles and mallowy sticky hands... 

And it was just a yummy sorta night for making a good ole memory or two:) 


Vicki said...

So fun!!! What a great and creative compromise to camping and building a campfire :) Poor pooches, they were kinda pitiful looking out the window!

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