Tuesday, July 5, 2011

America's Birthday!

The focus this week at the kid's school was America's Birthday!

The kid made this awesome hat for their America's birthday parade too:) 

He was VERY into it, can't ya tell?

This year, we actually had company for July 4th! My Mama;) Also had a visit with my Aunt and Cousin to start off the weekend! 

The long weekend entailed lots of shopping, lots of morning coffee and even more chatting, talking, and catchup time... oh, and fireworks too! 

We venture out to Parkesburg, PA for the fireworks show. Its an easy in and out, the fireworks are great, and you get an up close and personal seat to the action.

He adored the display this year, just look at his face!

Our neighbors joined us for the fun and the boys munched on snacks while playing with their fave - glow sticks;)

Abram loved having his Mamaw around for the weekend too. 

He got lots of book reading, loving on, and good playtime in. 

He also got a lot of his requests on their Target shopping trip such as the game below - Mitt ball! 

The weekend went way too quickly as they always do, but even faster when  I have great company! 

I'm hoping for a TN trip sometime in my near future.... 


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