Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Its For the Baby...

Expecting company is a great incentive to clean things up but - 

Cleaning with the kid is hit or miss. 

Sometimes he loves to help and we get a lot done. 

He gathers his own dust rag and spray bottle.

Other times? not so much... 

He unfolds, drags out, and disassembles. 

After putting him down for a nap, I ventured in to clean up the guest room disaster on my own.

My mom was coming for a long weekend and she needed to be able to at least enter the room. 

When the kids new furniture arrived, we simply shifted all the baby room stuff into the guest room for sake of time and ease. 

The baby stuff overflowed. Furniture, blankets, clothes, shoes, toys, the list goes on. 

I swore Abram out of there often, telling him its his old baby stuff. 

He's a big boy now. (He loves this:)) 

The kids room came together and the guest room stayed a wreck. 

As I cleaned, I put away and stashed away and donated. 

Time passed. The kid woke. 

"See how clean and nice? Mommy cleaned the - " 

Abram: GASP! "WHAT Happened?!?" 

"I cleaned it out honey. Mamaws comin'. It's Mamaws room." 

"But... But... But... that was for the baby...!"

"What was?" 

"The room. The Baby's Room." 

"What baby???" 

"The baby!" 

"We don't have a baby honey." 

"Not yet..." 

Oh My. 


Meagan said...

He, he! Your mom told me about this & she said that this is probably the only way they're gonna get another grandchild from you! I think she has her fingers crossed!

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