Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day celebrations

Fathers Day just plum wore us out this year. 

I tried to plan something low key but fun. and different. 

Last year we hit up a Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives location - which rocked btw. 

So this year, I thought hey, why not repeat at a new DDD spot:) 

Sounded fun. and We love the show (Hi Guy!). 

This year. not so fun. or rocking. 

See my boys? The day just wore 'em flat out. 

They started the day in matching outfits. So cute i tell ya. and pink to top it off!

but after a 1 hr 45 min wait to get into Honey's Sit N Eat, the day ended with them slumped onto the sofa in wrinkles shirts and boxer shorts... 

The wait was hot. and L O N G. and L O N G E R. and hot. 

And the food? Well, it was good. probably better than average. 

but for that long of a wait, I needed to be blown away. we weren't. 

We finally returned home to relax. 

I wish I made a picture of dad's gift bag that he opened that morning. 

It contained: a framed picture of Abrams footprint as of the day before (so cute!), an Eddie Vedder CD, a fake mini tree courtesy of Abram, a rock from the yard, and a homemade fathers day card with a front cover of courtesy of artist abram and his new finger paints. 

The interior of the card, I wrote out my latest interview with the kid about Daddy.

It sums up the kid at age 3 pretty well... 

It Reads: 

Mom: Hey Abram, do you love Daddy? 

Abram: Yes! I do. umm.... No. 

Mom: Yes you do! Why? Why do you love him? 

Abram: because I really do! 

Mom: Ohhh, hey, where does Daddy work? 

Abram: At to the store. No. At to the hotel. 

Mom: Right. Why do you like Daddy's work? 

Abram: because I really do!

Mom: What does Daddy like to eat? 

Abram: Uh, Tacos! No, hotdogs! nothing else. Rice! No, I eat rice. 

Mom: What's Daddy's favorite animal? 

Abram: Dogs. 

Mom: Why does he like dogs? 

Abram: because he really do! 


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