Sunday, May 22, 2011

And Now He's 3...

For his very first birthday, we took him to the Zoo. 

Second Birthday was a party at the park with lots of his little 2 year old friends!

This year, we sort of combined both. 

A day trip to the Zoo with our friends and their little boy.

And 3 little local friends over that night just for cake and ice cream.

He had all sorts of fun - All. Day. Long. 

He got to ride a camel. Score!

See ducks. 

Tell people he is now "3, like this". 

Brush goats with goat brushes with one of his best buds Cameron. 

Look at other (don't remember what) fun stuff with Mom. 

The Giraffes with Dad. 

We did have to say our goodbyes to the Smiths, some of our good friends! 

They're moving back to Pittsburgh:( Boo. 

It has been such fun seeing the boys grow up at the same time. 

Abram and Cameron said their goodbyes... 

As did the moms... 

 And the dads refused to have their picture made!

Abram napped the whole way home and rested up for his mini party that night.

He woke up just in time to snag a little dinner before his friends arrived.

And to pee himself as the first folks walked in.

Good Times! 

No photos of that, sorry!

But luckily we got a quick one of him blowing the candles, those 3 candles I promised him:) 

He handled the attention a bit better this round... 

And handled having his buddies here just silly fine... 

Loved catching all 3 boys shoving cake in their mouths!

And Miss Ava, our lone girl,  held her own so well with these silly boys!

And I think She used her Fork...

It was a big day. big fun. and big memories;) 


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