Sunday, May 8, 2011

10 years baby!

The blog is usually rambles about the kid. 

but today. 

the anniversary. 

mom and dad. 

10 years. 



We spent the day here. 

and i took 3 lousy pictures. well actually i took 2. the waitress took 1. 

 picture of us - the waitress (i don't like it but must post it!)

my handiwork, is the blurred photo above of NYC. 

and then this - 

No standing ANY time. Except authorized vehicles. 

I just couldn't get over this sign. 

Yes, those are my 3 pictures. 

None of the awesome stores or my awesome purchases. 

or of the incredible food. incredible. 

and none of the kid. he wasn't with us! 

but it was a great day. just the two of us.

we hardly knew how to handle ourselves.

we felt so - free? unattached? lightweight? 

we shopped and thrifted all day. 

we ate vegan food at lunch. 

and more vegan food at dinner. 

Thank you Candle 79 for an awesome anniversary dinner!

The best anniversary gift of all? experiencing parenthood together:) 


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