Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Mothers day morning, husband had plans for the kid and I... 

To go out gardening first thing in the morning is... well, not my thang. 

Gardening really isn't my thing. I so wish it was. I really do. 

But I kill things. I forget to water things. I just don't seem to do well with plants. 

Perhaps my luck will be better with trees. 

Not just any tree. But Our Tree. 

Mommy and Abram's Tree. 

Sugar Maple: Planted May 8, 2011 by Mommy & Abram

We planted that morning and that night, I opened by gift. 

A framed picture, dated, with a picture of us and our tree.  

The card from husband, explaining the significance of the tree, made me cry a little. 

I loved the frame. The Memory Made. The Love in my heart for this boy. and Our Tree:) 


Meagan said...

This is great Leigh! Can't wait to see you & Abram next to your tree {or under it} 10-15 years down the road!

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