Friday, May 20, 2011

School time celebration

It was a school time celebration for the kid today. 

He's hitting the big 3. 

What better way to ring it in than with cupcakes with his best buds at preschool?

He moves up to the 3's class next week! 

And we're all adoring his new teacher Miss Linda!

He's there at the middle table, far right looking like he's in a trance. 

I couldn't even get silly boy to look at me. 

He was acting all sorts of funny! 

And not a ha-ha funny but a weirdo funny! 

He seemed suspicious?

And it didn't help matters that he was having a very bad hair day. 

Its a side-parted mohawk of sorts... not planned. at all. 

He didn't know how to handle all the attention! 

But he sure knew how to handle that CupCake:) 

And he got to come home early with Mommy. 

"Did you have fun Abram? at your party?"

"yeah (soft quiet voice). but you didn't light my candle."

"Well, i couldn't sweetheart. No open flame allowed at school!"

"but you didn't light it...." (insert sad face here)

"Well, on Saturday, your real birthday, i'll definitely light those candles!" 

"(grinning) Okay! a lotta lotta lotta of em!"


memaw said...

Awe, he looks "troubled."

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