Monday, July 11, 2011

The Jersey Shore - Family Style

Husband was back and forth all week. 

"Should we go? The weather... I'm not sure..." 

"We shouldn't. Its going to rain... maybe. But I'm not sure..." 

"Okay, we're not going. Maybe next weekend." 

So, Saturday - typically my morning - my stay in bed be lazy morning - as I leisurely try to sleep in, husband is in and out of the room, slammin, stompin, changin, brushin, stirrin, lights agoin' - Sigh.

"REALLY?" I yelled. I growled a bit and slammed my head back into the pillow. 

"Hey... (I ignore), Hey... Hey... I thought we'd go," He says. 

"Go?!? What!?! We decided we weren't going! You said - "

"Yea - but I just checked the weather - its going to be nice! We should go! I mean, if you don't want to thats fine. Really. But we could. We should. If you want to." 

"Okay, fine."

I had looked forward to taking the kid but oh the pleasure of my morning - POOF! Gone. It's a sad thing as a mom, isn't it? 

I managed to zap my crabby mood with a huge cup of coffee. 

And it was then passed onto husband who can't tolerate traffic. 

Ever driven to the shore on a Saturday morning in New Jersey? 

Fun Times. Highly recommend it. 

Sitting in miles of traffic = Quality Family Time. 

(ie - husband banging the steering wheel, ranting about bad drivers. the kid watching a dvd and asking what's wrong daddy (oh nothing son, fake smile) and I'm hungry - where's the beach? over and over. and Mom, trying to ignore it all and read a magazine). 

But we finally ended up at our destination, leaving our bad moods behind.

Brigantine Beach, NJ.

The moment our feet hit the sand, we were all smiles and fun - thankfully. 

15 minutes later, a massive wave crashed into shore, covering all our freshly laid towels and beach blankets and dry clothes. SMILE:) 

We actually did laugh it off, relocate our stuff, and get right back out there... 

Though he still has major hesitations about the waves and water, he loves the sand.

and flying his kite with Daddy... 

then all on his own too:) 

After hours of play, we dined on fish and chips and had a much more relaxing trip home. The kid snoozed. Husband didn't battle traffic. We actually got to have real conversation. 

Perhaps we'll do it again? 


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