Saturday, September 17, 2011

Favorite Lines & A Story

The kid has some favorite lines he likes to say - over and over. 

He doesn't just say them. 

He yells them. Yells. 

Not screaming at us (most of the time) but just being - Loud.

And he throws in a big huff and puff afterward too ha.

Here's a few of the shining examples, with #1 being the most famous of all:) 

1. I am NOT Tired!!! 

2. NOOOoooo!!!

3. I Don't WANNA take a NAP!!!

4. I don't WANNA go to school!!!

5. I need Waterrrrr!!! 

6. But - But - But I really wannaaa  (___fill in the blank___ )!!!

7. I don't wanna Go to BED!!!

8. I don't like this dinner!!! 

9. When is it gonna be Halloween?!?! 

10. I said Goodnight Mommy!!! 

11. Nelly is Licking me!!!

He's also taken to throwing out a few stories here and there... most of them are tiny (and cute!) little white lies. But once in awhile he goes on and on with a real whopper. 

Me: How was show and tell today? 

Kid: Silence. clearly ignoring me. 

Me: How was show and tell Abram? 

Kid: I didn't get to do it. huffing. 

Me: Why not?? What happened?? 

Kid: I got in trouble. Me and Danny. 

Me: what were you doing? 

Kid: (mumbling and talking fast) I didn't wanna take a nap and then i wasn't laying down and miss dee said (changes his voice) - abram lay down! (back to his voice) and i didn't and i got in trouble and i didn't get to do show and tell. and i didn't.  another huff. 

Me; Oh well. I guess if you don't follow the rules -

Kid: And Then, Miss Linda - she told me not to come back. Uh Huh. 

Me: come back where? 

Kid; To school. she told me not to come back there. nodding. 

Me: Oh wow. well That sure seems serious. Hmmm... 

Kid: Yea. but Dad will probably take me anyway. big sigh

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Myrtle Beach!

Husband got a new job!

To celebrate his week off between jobs - we went on another trip - this time South! 

Bonus - on the way down, we got to stay overnight with my brother and his family in NC. 

The kids had a great time together - playing, eating, and going to church on Sunday!

Me and my Brother... 

After church, we headed on down to South Carolina.... 

We put out an invite to Pap and Memaw to join us... 

while Pap had to work - Memaw was free! and she brought Aunt Sis along for the fun:) 

We loved having them along for the trip! 

There was only one rainy morning so we hit up the aquarium... 

Abram looking at the sharks!

While he loved seeing sharks, fishes, and the divers - he would not stop asking: 

"Where are the mermaids?!?!? I wanna see the MERMAIDS!" 

We killed some time and finally got a front row seat to the noon mermaid show, praise the Lord. 

And can i say - he LOVED it. His favorite thing - by far. 

He even wanted to go to the "meet and greet' afterward to ask the mermaids questions lol... 

His question: "how will you get to Tennessee...?" 

Most of our days though - we spent time lounging by the awesome pools at the resort... 

and sitting out on the beach, digging sand and jumping the massive waves:) 

The kid, finding shell pieces...


It was the perfect time to be at the beach! Just after Labor day ended and the crowds were gone.

 Enjoying a yummy dinner at Bonefish!

This is only picture I got of Aunt Sis the whole trip - I don't think she likes to have her picture made - but heres proof  - she was with us:) Abram is 'napping' here...

And Really Napping here below... the beach wears him out I swear! plus, we skipped a lot of naps.

But this night, he was out at 7pm - poor little fella...

We all had a wonderful time and hope to do it again next year:) 

Though its a LONG ride back to Pennsylvania... 

I kept wanting to add some fun pit stops  - like Kings Dominion or sight seeing in Richmond!

But husband was NOT having it - maybe next time... 

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