Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Repeat

He had only been asking for two months. 

When is Halloween? 

How much longer until Halloween? 

I had never had a kid anticipating something so desperately and couldn't believe his excitement over something MONTHS away! 

Finally - it was here. Halloween!

Halloween starts with the Township Fall Festival which includes a Halloween Parade... 

The kid willingly put on his dinosaur costume though I saw the urge for last years outfit. 

It didn't help matters that Sid the Science Kid was a Bat on his Halloween episode this year. 

That made being a Bat seems WAY more cool than the dino costume, for sure.

It also didn't help that people kept calling him an alligator at the festival. 

The kid looked with puzzled eyes, like "who are they talking to?" because HE was a dinosaur. 

Two LONG days later... Halloween arrived. 

There was no doubt. 

I am going to be a BAT. 

Again I say? 

Yes, I really really really wanna be a Bat mommy... 

And a bat he was. A darn good one. 

The dinosaur costume will still fit next year. This one won't. 


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