Monday, October 17, 2011

Hurricane Hills!

As usual, we enjoy hitting up Hurricane Hills Farm just up the road... 

We met our friends and their son there and made a whole morning of it! 

First up was the pig race, a new addition to the activities this year. 

We were rooting for Kevin Bacon but I think Britney Spare Ribs pulled ahead at the last moment. 

The kid enjoyed the tractor cow ride this year whereas last year he cried hysterically the whole ride - and yes, i still made him ride it out! :-) 

Hayride out to the pumpkin patch.... 

Of course he didn't want one right in front of him but the one waaayyy over there! 

We went home with two large ones and two itty bitties:) 

But not before taking his turn on the mini tractors  --

And running through the corn maze so fast that he almost got lost - grrr!

Mommy was not. happy. Dad snagged him up and i got a quick pic. 

The only other highlight of the day was that we planned to picnic there for lunch. 

and who forgot that little fact completely - but me. 

Our friends were nice enough to split up their many snacks and lunch and we all shared:) 


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