Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday

Warning. Picture Overload!! 

My baby Boy turned FOUR. 4!! 

I cannot believe how quickly its gone. 

and suddenly I'm planning a birthday party for my big boy. inviting lots of his little friends, of which only 1 is a girl!

we picked special party favors out just for miss ava too;) 

This year the boy wanted more than cake/ice cream with his friends. 

he wanted playtime and pizza and more playtime! oh, and cake!

The cake had to include both Mater AND Lightning McQueen!

Thankfully that was an option at Wegman's Bakery. 

I planned his party for the weekend before his actual birthday because I wanted to be sure the party happened and wasn't jilted by me going into labor. Luckily, we made it thru just fine! 

He was worn out after his friends left. A good worn out. 

We did our gifts and zoo trip the next weekend. 

The family day started with his gifts and his favorite breakfast - waffles:)

His 'hot wheels' was a craigslist find - for $3.00 - hello, score! 

And while he loved his 'hot wheels', he had some other faves too - his OWN umbrella and Woody. 

But he was probably most excited to open his very own measuring tape!! 

With all our recent household projects, there's been lots of measuring going on round here and now he can contribute his own measurements.  

"This is 3 3 5 mom. write that down.  3 3 5. okay?" 

After church, we were off to meet friends at the Zoo, our birthday tradition for Abram.  

First up, the petting zoo... 

Silly Time with Friends... 

And his idea of a pose with dad in front of the hippos. or is a that a rhino? 

Our family pic of the day ha. 

And can I say, we worked in an activity every moment of the day.

We even stopped at a fair on the way home, as promised, so the kid could ride the 'super high wheel'. 

In line with Dad, he seriously considered changing his mind, but in the end, he stuck it out and got on:) 

And loved it!! 

 What a birthday celebration it was. Birthday Party, presents, zoo, fair, and all the yummy snacks he wanted to top it off... so much fun and many great memories. 

I can't believe my baby boy is 4. It doesn't seem real. I just realized I need to fill out his kindergarden application by this December. What?!?! Get outta here! 

And thankfully, I made it past both weekends without going into labor - Yah! 

Now with Abram's celebrations under our belt, we're ready to welcome Boy #2 to the family!! 

It's very exciting and we have a care plan in place for Abram when I go into labor so we're just playing the waiting game and enjoying our time as a family of three for a little bit longer... 

And once he comes, I'm really looking forward to spending the summer off and home with both my baby boys!


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