Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy...

May is a busy busy month around here. 

It kicks off with our wedding anniversary and hubby's birthday!

The kid was concerned that Dad was not having a party. very concerned! 

But what about Daddy's party?!?!?

So I tried to be more festive including some balloons, cupcakes, and candles! 

we sang and did our own mini-party. 

Abram was also concerned that we only got Dad books and money for his birthday. 

But thats what he wanted I reminded him.... 

Ohhh kkkkk, he said, clearly doubting me! ha

Those scissors somehow made it into both pics haha... 

But our real birthday treat was going out to dinner. a date! just the two of us! 

We only do it once or twice a year, usually for one anothers birthday. 

Abram went to the neighbors for some fun playtime and movie night. 

We went out to dinner at a new spot called The Whip, located in rural Chester County. 

An amazing find of a place!! A casual british pub type place that has lots of local food.

We had great food and concluded our evening with a movie - Hunger Games!

It was our first non-cartoon movie together in over FOUR years. 

While we try to do mostly family activities, we must admit, it was nice to have uninterrupted conversation and see a real adult movie! 

We picked up the kid who was sad to see us i believe - he was in the middle of a spiderman reenactment! 

Next up -- the kid's fourth birthday -- i am not ready to have a 4 yr old:( 


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