Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Devastation

Under normal circumstances, I'm not posting a memorial day post. 

We might have the day off but nothing worth posting about. 

This year wasn't dramatically different, though we did meet a few friends for a picnic and playtime by the creek. 

They were plopped on the rocks, looking for fish. 

Abram had big hopes for not only spotting a fish but getting one. 

without a fishing pole. 

but simply with Dad's bare hands. 

Can I tell you? Dad did not come through. 

Bad Dad. Sigh. 

My boy was devastated and downright mad at Dad. 

How DARE he not catch a fish in his bare hands?? Seriously. 

See the disappointment on his poor little grubby face?!?!

He could. not. believe. Daddy. didn't. do. it. insert dramatic sad voice here:( 

Sometimes, we just can't give him everything he wants. and it isn't pretty!


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