Friday, January 16, 2009

the last of 2008

This was the kids gift to us from daycare. TOO CUTE. I wish i had this picture too, not just on a christmas ornament. but we love it and if we ever decide to one day put up a tree (hubby wants to, me no, bah hum bug me i know!) we'll have this one front and center.

The kid with his great papaw... kinda dark but good.

Abram was christened while in TN. grandparents from there and PA were present... dad, being a pastor, performed the christening. I Loved this pic of him and abram looking at one another...

we spent a week away, a brief time with husbands parents in Western PA and then the rest in TN with my family. It went by way too fast, as any vacation always does.

and the kid's only New Year Eve photos - of him trying to drive the car. ha. Actually he was gnawing on the steering wheel while we were on a travel break. drove from TN to our home in PA on NYE. Needless to say, that is the first new years eve i have NOT been awake at midnight since i can even remember. we're parents now. tired. old. in bed early.

Let's Go home Guys!!


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