Thursday, January 8, 2009

thanksgiving sweet potatoes

The kid celebrated Thanksgiving with another first - his first sweet potatoes. Do you think he liked them?

He also celebrated by going with us to Washington, PA for the holiday, and met many family members that hadn't met the little guy. Yet the only other photo i have of him, besides the ones with sweet potatoes smeared on his face, on actual turkey day is this one - him and Makayla, his cousin:)

I'm now wondering why the heck we didn't think to get a quick family snapshot, ya know, abrams first thanksgiving - duh. no idea where my head was. Ditto for christmas. No family snapshot of us 3. i would say 5 but we left silly 1 and 2 (aka sammy and nelly) at home.

His hats all seem to be getting a little snug. even the ones that are his supposed size. but as long as theres a little stretch, he doesn't mind. he's usually just down right happy!

and lastly, his most beloved pre-christmas gift - leg warmers. Thanks Michelle!! and leg warmers are very 'in' i tell husband and the kid. no not girly. or prissy. and i don't see the other boys at daycare picking on him for them either. just 'in'... and warm! husband shakes his head and rolls his eyes every time i put them on the kid. the kid kicks his legs and grins, pulling at the warmers if he happens to notice them. he doesn't care ... he just likes to be warm! hence leg warmers! Husband was also not thrilled with the purchase of tights for the kid but hey, they don't make baby long johns and its cold here in Pennsylvania! "what choice do we have?" i say to him. Socks don't stay on his feet - ever - so tights it was. and now leg warmers too:)


Vicki said...

I LOVE the leg warmers - are those the "Baby Legs"? He looks very cute and warm in them :-).

Julia said...

The picture with his cousin is adorable! And the leg warmers crack me up! I think he is awesome for keeping them on his legs. My kids would have been pissed off and tearing at them I think! I never knew they made those for babies either. :)

Elizabeth Leigh said...

Vicki - i think michelle got the leg warmers at target actually! Julia, just this week he's decided taking off his socks is great fun. I'm sure the leg warmers will be next!

Julia said...

Hi again! I am passing an award on to you so check out OSL sometime this week. Don't feel like you need to pass it on right away... I kept it for a while too.

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