Sunday, January 25, 2009

thinking about it...

Not crawling yet but seriously considering it - see pic below!

a couple other new things - if you don't like to talk poop, stop reading - otherwise continue. real poop. not runny stuff. or pasty. but real solid poop!

"Hey, come up here!" i shout.

"whats wrong?" he yells, always wary that there is a problem...

"Nothings wrong. i just thought you'd want to see something!"

"What?" he says to me upstairs, as he is downstairs. I know he doesn't want to walk those 14 steps up!

"Just get off the damn computer and walk up here for crying out loud!"

I hear him set down the laptop (i knew it!) and come slowly up, putting each foot down as if it weighs 50 lbs...

"Look, we have real poop." and i show him the diaper.

"What!! oh my gosh... hahah... " husband laughs and views the evidence.

"Kid, you're growing up!" we tell him. then we decide - photo time! Hey, why not! its another first, we must document!

A tiny little poop we know, but its still the real deal! solid as a rock. lol. he'll kill us for this later i'm sure. but when he was born, we promised him and each other to capture every little moment! haha... only upholding our promises:)


Julia said...

That is priceless...and the photo, oh the photo. Put it in the vault.

Vicki said...

Dare I ask what his poop looked like BEFORE? No, don't think I want to know ;-). Good job, Abram! Woo Hoo!!!!

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