Sunday, August 30, 2009

balls ...

The kid LOVES balls. we have a variety of toys for him but most of the time he just loves to throw balls around, run after them, throw them to (or AT!) you, hold them, look at them, say the word ball over and over and over... husband swears he's going to be a ball player for sure (i was hoping for chess and the honors society but - hey maybe both?! haha)

Here he is with one of the many different balls he plays with and throws... Posing:)

this was an outfit aaron's friends gave us - thanks Cliff and Marty! We have been SO lucky with gifts (thanks to many of you!), hand me downs (thanks to colleen, vicki, kimberly, etc), and hitting up some great second hand sales... we've bought very few things new which makes me happy. I love second hand clothes, especially for the kid when he grows so quickly out of things!


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