Monday, August 24, 2009

update on no update...

I have an update. The update is that there is no actual update. Really, since returning from our roadtrip to Tennessee, the kid and i have been plugging along here in PA and going about our usual. Daycare, Work, tending to the house and dogs, all while husband rests up. Mono at 32 - not fun. Husband got sick the day after graduating. and still is. He's slowly getting better but its very slow. so some of our summer plans have been postponed and some altogether canceled.

I've been tackling some chores that i haven't done since before i was pregnant, ie mowing, weed pulling, bush trimming, tree trimming, hauling lumber, getting attacked my bees (husband was in on that one too, lucky him ha), pushing things in a wheelbarrow, throwing things into a dumpster, poop scooping, and more work of the great outdoors. husbands done more of the inside work since its not as physical and he can do it at his pace as he feels up to it.

He's turning the corner we believe - and maybe our summer won't be so - lost. We're planning a few fall activities for the kid (and dogs, and us!) that involve his first trip to the shore (Delware here we come!) and his first camping trip too... (Vermont here we come!). We've even been talking about working on a few house projects - some basic stuff like getting all our doorknobs to actually match and maybe replacing the 1980 window shades, more time consuming tasks like painting (ugh), and more adventurous talk about flooring...

The kid. To sum it up in one word - NonStop. He goes nonstop. He wakes at 6am ready to do. There is none of this, I need a moment to wake up crap. He wakes up and hits the ground running. He's mowing the living room by 6:02am while mom barely has the sleepy out of her eyes, much less even started the coffee pot. He's pulled out all his toys by around 6:15am, and decided that "OUT!" is much better than in... So i'm pushing his car thru our neighborhood as early as 7am with coffee in hand, trying to think of one other time in my life i was ever out walking at 7am... was there ever such a time? ever? maybe at 4-H camp... but even thats doubtful. i didn't sign up for anything physical that was going to occur before lunch. so probably not.

The kid is chatting it up with his favorite words currently as "Uh-Oh" and "Ball". He can spot a ball or balloon a mile away. And he's literally obsessed. Yesterday he practically crawled out of the shopping cart at whole foods, desperate to grab one of the gorgeous orange balls from the massive stack of orange balls in the fruit section. That took about 2 seconds of me looking at the dried cranberries and to see oranges hitting the floor in my peripheral vision to realize he was attacking the orange 'balls'. He also rolled the big green heavy 'ball' all over the dining room before i snatched it up, and chopped it to bits much to his dismay. come on - we wanted some watermelon!

Other fun things the kid has learned:

When you bite at daycare, they write you up, (everytime!)and mom puts it in the baby book.

when i want a chocolate doughnut, i'll just take it from someone elses plate even though mom sends me fruit.

when you hit your eye, it can turn black.

when you mash your finger really hard, the fingernail falls off.

skinned up knees happen so darn easy.

getting your head stuck in the banister (just last night actually) is not a big deal because dad comes and saves the day.

I can swallow a cherry seed (we think thats where it went).

a bloody lip can make dads eyes getting really big and scared looking.

how to climb ON the bed and sliding off is a cinch.

when you stand on things with wheels to get to something else, it's shaky ground.

when i run, i fall a lot more but who cares.

how to pop a balloon.

when you mash food really hard in your hand, juice usually runs down your arm which is great.

throwing food is awesome too.

how to open the back door to the deck.

not everything i put in my mouth tastes good.

there are tons of balls at the grocery store. orange ones, red ones, green ones, yellow ones, peach ones, tiny purple ones. I say ball over and over as i see them. and if you move a few in the stack, they all fall!

chasing the dogs is a lot of fun!

dumping over their water bowl or throwing things in it is a blast too.

If I hang on the oven door and pick my feet up off the ground to try and climb UP the stove, the door comes open, dropping me back to the floor. very counterproductive obviously.

I can dance just like the backyardigans by spinning in circles!

mom does NOT like when i Throw wet toilet paper out of the toilet onto the floor. i like the splash. she doesn't seem to.

I'm only allowed on the bottom step. So boring compared to the high ones.

Maple Syrup is a great styling gel. as is marinara sauce!

A final note from mom here - TO CONCLUDE a few more firsts. the kid went swimming in a real pool for the first time a week or so ago and actually loved it:) I was surprised because he's a bit funny about water sometimes but he had a blast! Thanks Kimberly and Cody, for sharing your pool:) Oh, and tooth #7 has made an official appearance, with #8 almost poking through... and i'm mentally thinking already about his costume for halloween. Husband voted for an amish boy. i was thinking scarecrow. other suggestions?


Julia said...

Yup. He sounds perfectly normal. The swallowing cherry pits and squeezing fruit does not end any time soon. I was scolding Ella today with her watermelon.

I hope your husband recovers soon or at least feels some what better. Mono is awful. :(

Vicki said...

Great post, Leigh! Emily's first words were ball and uh-oh, too, or among the first. Ashley hasn't said either yet. Her faves are "Hi!" "Bye" and her version of "thankyou" and "stop" - the last one mostly to big sis, ha ha! I hope Aaron is back up to par soon. I know it's been hard on you both. Wish I lived closer so we could help out with the chores and Abram :-( Love you bunches!

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