Friday, October 23, 2009

the pantry...

He's obsessed with the pantry door...

while cooking i go back and forth, a dozen times over it seems, because i can't ever remember to get it all out on one swoop. since he's been mobile, i always (the goal is always!) shut it behind me so he's not sprinkling snack crackers on the floor, grabbing lara bars and running off while yelling "nak, nak, nak" (snack) or making a dive for all of my glass jars.

his hearing is amazing. he hears that door come open and zoom, he's there!

deep in conversation with husband and trying to hurry through some sort of meal prep for dinner, i realized it was quiet (NOT at all the norm when its dinner time at our house - the kid arrives home starving it seems). Uh Oh. quiet? thats suspicious. very.

i glance around the kitchen wall to see the kid having a ball.

who wouldn't love sprinkling powdered white stuff all over the carpet and their shoes! FUN!

Organic powdered sugar no less ... not cheap. i told him this. he didn't seem to care.

so i figured a few good snapshots before we forced him to abandon to fun!

i do look forward to the day he cleans up his own messes and will maybe stop smearing food in his hair lol ... but until then i'm trying to enjoy everything, even the messy stuff;) and i do!

and no, i haven't forgotten to shut that pantry door one other time since!


Averie @ Averie Cooks said...

OMG I love that pic of you about to nurse him in what looks like very early motherhood days in your side margin :)

I am still nursing my almost 3 yr old, and have a soft spot for pics like beautiful and womanly and motherly. Lovely.

Vicki said...

So cute! They are curious little buggers, aren't they?! Good to get pics, it won't last forever sadly. The other day Ashley kept doing the "more" sign and talking very seriously to me but I was in the middle of something and kept telling her, "just a minute". I finished what I was doing and noticed how quiet she got at the same time.... I looked over and she had gone to our pantry and helped herself to a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips and was sitting nicely in the floor enjoying them :-). I couldn't say a thing - she tried to tell me!

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