Tuesday, October 20, 2009

teeth update

I took the kid back to his dentist on Oct 20 - this was the followup after the disasterous blow to his teeth 5 weeks ago. Three of Abram's front teeth and a wooden bookshelf at daycare had quite a rough meeting! after some blood and tears, it was confirmed that the three were knocked loose, two of them very loose. For 5 weeks we have watched him like a hawk to ensure he wasn't chewing on anything hard, biting into anything with the front teeth, messing with his teeth, anything with the teeth! And let me say, with a toddler who is still teething - NOT an easy task!! and the daycare workers tried to do their part on this as well (thank you girls!!).

We also invested in several new pairs of shoes for him - the RIGHT size - which by the way, wasn't an easy determination. "Oh he's definitely a wide" to "Oh, no, he's not a wide at all, you would know if he was!" to "nah, probably not a wide". Um okay, so now what?! ha. Needless to say, we have two pairs of wides but now are going with the standard. I've felt around the foot and they seem to fit him just fine. So with a proper fitting good shoe, we hope to experience LESS falls! But with his new 'running' skills, i'm not so sure!

Anyway, the dentist examined the teeth and TWO of them have tightened back up, almost to a perfectly normal state! Yippee!! Great news! The other tooth has tightened back up somewhat (its the one that probably received the most impact) and may continue to tighten up with time. The dentist explained the roots were/are still developing so thats a good thing! He gave us the go ahead to put him back on the regular sippy cup and eat as normal! Yea!

So now we have the kid officially off the bottle and onto his cups. He loves straws and different cups we have for him. He especially loves his klean kanteen sippy cup which looks very similar to mom's big klean kanteen... as i'm drinking from mine, he often goes and grabs his to drink too. so cute. Ah, no more bottle washing!! Course, last night i somehow had four sippy cups to wash so... maybe its not going to be the relief i thought;)


Vicki said...

That's great news! Nice to be done with bottles, isn't it?! So at night does he drink from a sippy cup, too? Ashley's still on a bottle at nap time and bedtime - I can't remember when I stopped w/Emily, figured I'd know when the time was right. Anyway, Abram's getting so big and moving right along! Wow, maybe time to think about a sibling???? ;-)

Julia said...

That is such a relief. You must be so happy to hear this news. And shoes!!! Good on the shoes. :)

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