Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween parade, party, & trick or treat

Warning - picture overload. Time is getting away from me! I kept meaning to do the halloween post and now all of a sudden i'm already packing for our Thanksgiving travels! yikes! the kid had a wonderful halloween.... it started off a township halloween parade. I thought there was going to be an actual parade but apparently its a parade of children in their costumes walking thru the park. i took the kid and we walked with his age group. there was the parade, a costume contest, and snack time celebration with to go bags of goods.

waiting in line... making friends with elmo and abby cadabby (sort of... if staring at them intently counts)

Abram preparing for the contest (which i'm still super pissed he didn't win - how could a PIRATE beat my little blue monster!?)

and afterward, getting in some swing time before heading home!

When we arrived at daycare on a friday, i dressed abram quickly in the car and headed in to the party! He always acts strangely when we go and i stay around... and this day he was even more so puzzled because of all the costumes.

THIS is how he stood for the first oh TEN minutes or so after arrival... lol ...

then he relaxed a bit and got comfy with the costumes, ate some treats and played with some of his buddies. here he is with one of his best buds Ryan. they were in the infant room (born two weeks apart) and are now in the toddler room together too!

Then onto trick or treat! It wasn't the best night for trick or treat... we started right at 6pm since the forecast was calling for rain any minute. i first took him in his blue car but then quickly returned to the house and just carried him a good bit. that was actually faster and easier. At first he wasn't sure what was going on, but he was busy looking at the other costumes and kids running around the neighborhood. It only took a few houses for him to get into the routine though. so the last half, he would hold up his hand for his treats, put them in his basket and go ha. the few folks who actually put it in his basket for him - well - that wasn't good enough for abram. he wanted to put it in himself!

Heading out in the car...

got a stranger to take a quick pic of us - my costume? i was a blonde. pretty simple. just a wig:)

back home, checking out the treats!

he spread it all out on his tray and finally picked his treat for that night - a halloween kit kat:) he loved it!

kinda messy...

And the next morning, the first thing he did was run to his pumpkin basket to start organizing his treats all over again... he enjoyed taking it out of the basket, laying it out, and then putting it back in just as much as eating it, if not more!

He had a great halloween and i think next year he'll really be into it!


Vicki said...

He SO should have won that costume contest! Such an adorable costume on such an adorable boy :-D Glad he had a great Halloween!

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