Tuesday, August 24, 2010


"Guess what tonight is? It's trash night!" While husband hates trash night, I don't mind it, and the kid loves it!

"I Recycle!!! I Recycle!!!" he yells, running circles with excitement. 

The newest routine is we line up all the recyclables in the hall, glass first, then plastics. He points out the glass, 'thats glass' 'thats glass', and moves onto plastics, 'this plastic, this plastic, and this plastic'. 

We're starting chores early around here. I, personally, think its good for him. We started the first chore, recycling, at 18 months old actually, see below. His responsibility was to load up the recyclables in his wheel barrow, push them to the front door, and dump into the bin. Back and forth till they were all loaded up.  Oh what a cutie pie - he still looks like such a toddler... 

While he loves his chores right now, all two of them, I know this won't continue but chores are going to be a must around this house. Good ole Mom ain't gonna do it all, no way no how. Plus, it teaches responsibility, a good thing for sure:) 

I have a list of a few things on a 'list' for the kid: you will have chores, you will not be a picky eater, and you will be polite. These are biggies for me. Well, and a whole slew of other things I keep adding and adding and adding that I want for him and expect of him. But these. These three are basic.  

His two whole chores are: Recycling on Tuesday nights & Cleaning up his toys Every night before bed. I think two easy peasy chores for a two year old is reasonable. He loves to complete his task and brag about it - "I cleaned up Daddy! Wook Wook! I cleaned it all up!" "I recycle, Wook Mama! Wook! All Done!" We offer praise, and sometimes - we even do the happy dance:) 


Julia said...

I need to implement this program.

Cute wheelbarrow and very useful I can see.

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