Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Mechanic is at the Big Table

"AHH, Mommy!! It's broken!!" he exclaims. A Lot. The 'bike' has lots of break downs. 

"I fix it!" he shouts, as he jumps off his seat, reaches into the trunk, and pulls out a wrench. daddy's wrench which the kid is borrowing. A real wrench. 

He flips the 'bike' on its side and begins the repairs. depending on the type and intensity of the damage, repairs can be lengthy as well with lots of "its STILL broken!!" and "almost fixed!!!" being spouted out. 

"I FIXED IT!!" He grins. I carry on with lots of praise and a big oh WOW:) 

On another note, he's finally moved up and over in the world of eating. Yep, its official. The kid is now eating at the 'big table' with mom and dad. Can you tell he's happy about it?? and check out his 9 month old portrait in the background. Oh how my baby is such a boy now. and yes, thats elmo in the kid's shopping cart and a pie pan too. haha... 

We made the plunge after spending a whopping two dollars at a yard sale on the handy dandy booster seat. I loved the high chair. It was sturdy. safe. he was so confined. strapped in. controlled. If he freaked during dinner, we told him to wait and carried on. Like i said, controlled. and sturdy. I had images of him jumping out of his booster when he was done running circles around the table while we finished eating. But I must say, I was wrong thus far. He loves the booster and hasn't once tried to jump or wiggle out thus far

We say our farewells to August and launch into September. One of our favorite months. Sept and Oct are lovely here in PA. Warm days, cool nights, lots of fun autumn activities, and beautiful leaves too! 


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