Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We were trying to take a self portrait. He loves to see the photo as we take it and cheese for the camera. If its not a self portrait, it can be quite challenging to capture him looking, much less grinning! And yes, it was thought out to do this on a day I actually looked decent -  I actually had on eyeliner. camera worthy i must say. a rare occasion. something i do ohhh once a month?

We start off our September with a trip to western PA to visit family and friends. The kid loves him a good road trip and so do his mom and dad:-) 

The trip begins with a departure time tomorrow of about 6pm with a dinner prior to that the kid won't eat because he's so excited. Therefore -  a packed peanut butter sandwich and crackers are made because the kid won't eat. Some other snacks thrown in there too, and oh his water cup. I flip thru the ole dvd collection of sesame stuff, veggie tales, and even an ABC little people one. Toss those in too. Bags are packed. We pack light. Dogs are taken care of by a neighbor - thank you Nancy, you are such a blessing!! 

Long weekend travels here we come! 


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