Saturday, September 11, 2010

hangin' with the big kids!

The kid loves to hang out with kids older than him. He's fascinated. Watching them, following them, copying them. My friend Michelle had a little back to school get together at a local park near her house and was sweet enough to invite us up even though the kid is only two and technically not going back to school. We never get to see each other between work schedules, kids, travels, life! So, the kid and i drove up to see her and the whole gang!

As we hopped into the car, I reminded him we were going to a party...

"I go party? But But But (he's searching for what he wants to say here) I go park!" he stutters, confused by earlier promises of going to the park tonight.

"Yes honey. We are going to a party at the park!"

"I go party? But I wanna go park!!"

"Okay, we'll go to the park," i respond just to agree.

"Uhhh..... (whiny voice) but party mama... i go party..."

He wasn't getting it and wouldn't until it was all over.

Heres the best picture i got of the whole group. And sadly I cut many kids heads off - oops! I was so busy trying to make abram stay in the picture that I could barely take one! Michelle has a better pic on her blog here.

Thats my little man right there in the front looking like a little statue lol... oh well, i was just happy he actually got in the picture! We met some really nice friends of Michelle's and the kid loved the whole thing.

On the drive home, he chattered on and on....

"I ate pretzels, I ate donuts, I ate pizza, I ate cookie...."

can you tell he never gets this stuff? ha... he was all about the food! ha...

We drove at ease with no traffic at 8pm on a friday night. A true blessing around here. We were quiet with the radio playing softly in the background.

"Mama?? Mama!!"

"Yes Abram?"

He'd had a revelation.... "I went to a party! At park! Fun!"

"You sure did honey. You sure did." i smiled to myself in the dark, as i drove us on towards home...


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