Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And we return...

It's always hard to return from a weekend away. A weekend where we have fun, sleep late, eat great food made by other people, see family and friends, and not do one thing that resembles work of any kind!

The kid fed the birds with his maw-maw each morning and monitored the food levels and number of birds. It's their routine and he looks forward to it each morning.  He's obsessed with waffles for breakfast on non-school mornings and boy did he get his fill of waffles. The munched on waffles and watched the birds eat their breakfast too.  We stopped by Pap's work to give him and big hug and kiss. "Pap work?" the kid would ask. "Pap Golf?" also follows. haha. Here he is paying Pap a visit on the job!

We ventured out and did some shopping, some eating, some visiting with family and friends, and lots of outdoor playtime went down too.  The kid played lots of baseball and golf in the backyard. Maw-maw and him had some fun. He loves his Maw-maw. 

He got to see two of his newer cousins, baby noah and baby jackson. The kid really was good with Noah and even insisted Noah get to have a banana snack with him.

Cousin Lucy stopped by for a visit too and we finally had the chance to take some pictures of these two grandkids together for the grandparents. A photo shoot with a two year old though? well, it could have been better obviously. lots of distractions and lots of things he'd rather do than sit still and smile!!! but we managed a few good ones that will be frame worthy i do believe.... 

And yes, this is the Lucy who was the flower girl in our wedding when she was FIVE. Clearly, she is no longer five but a beautiful middle school girl with an active social schedule apparently... 

Our trip home was uneventful and problem free. The kid filled his head with lots of dvd stories, his mouth with lots of snack, and his body with a nice long nap. 

He's been chattering all about some of these events ever since we got home.  The most popular are:

"I saw hummingbird!! It flew. It stop. It drink food!" 

"Me and Maw-maw feed birds! Lots of birds. They eat!" 

"I drive car with Scott. I turn it!" 

"I go see Pap at work!" 

"I saw Baby Jackson. He on bumpy road!" 

"I saw Baby Noah. He spill my water cup."

"Where's Scooter?!?" 


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