Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day out with Thomas

We prepped him all week long, trying to pump him up for Saturday. We read Thomas books and watched a few Thomas movies and the show (which lasts apx. 8 minutes - weird). Saturday morning, we headed over to Strasburg, PA where Thomas the Train was coming into the station. It's a small railroad station thats been there for quite sometime and Thomas arrives a few times a year, along with thousands of people who want to see and ride Thomas! The station area is small so let me tell ya, i was quite taken aback but the mobs of people that flooded this place. You could barely move around, lines for anything were terribly long and it was just an overall zoo! the area is just too small to handle that many people. We parked out in a cornfield and were bussed in on a school bus to the train station. The kid was so pumped up to ride a real bus!! A bus! A School Bus! He shouted from the line.

Despite the crowd, the kid had a ball and enjoyed spending the day with his buddy Cameron. Both two year olds enjoyed the train ride and meeting/seeing Thomas and looking at the amish scenery. 

And I got to catch up with Cara, Cam's mama, while husband took pictures! I even took a turn using the camera that I don't know how to use just to ensure husband made it into a photo:) he prefers taking them over being IN them. 

It was a beautiful warm day and the Lancaster county farms were our scenery. The boys were both so well behaved and get along together so well too! On the drive home, the kid chatted all about Thomas, riding Thomas, seeing Thomas, watching Thomas, Thomas blowing smoke, etc. I told him I'm thrilled he had fun because we won't be going back to see Thomas again lol... the mania was all a little much for mom, can you tell?!? haha... truth is, i really wouldn't want to go back! Abram likes thomas and all but he isn't obsessed with him by any means. There's really one only guy he's obsessed with and thats Diego. So until Diego comes to town, I can avoid the mania for now...


Vicki said...

What a fun day! Yeah, I think that Thomas show is kinda weird. But the toys seem fun. Ashley loves Dora AND Diego and gets soooo excited when they come on. I always tell her how much cousin Abram loves Diego too :)

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