Sunday, August 22, 2010


As I shoved dishes into the sink, I called into the living room, asking the kid, "do you want to call papaw?" 

"YES!" He yells. "YES! I call Papaw!" 

I begin to dial the number as I walked to hand the phone over to him. When I glance up, he's not there. I hear water running and call his name. "Mommy! I brush teeth!" 

I round the corner and look in on him. He's up on his chair, water running full blast, and tooth brush in mouth.

"I thought you wanted to call Papaw? Now you're brushing your teeth?" 

"I brush teeth. I call Papaw too." 

He reaches for the phone and begins yacking away with "Papaw, where are you, he's not there, where are you, i brush teeth, i ate watermelon" - the list goes on, before he finally yells a Bye Bye, and hands the phone over with a, "Mommy, he not there". 

He is multitasking. As he plays with cars, he sings row row row your boat. As he eats his dinner, he talks about his day. While he watches Diego, he eats raisins and dates. And now - as he brushes his teeth, he makes phone calls. 

Over the weekend, we had quite an afternoon storm, with thunder and lightening and slews and rains. We were playing on the floor in the living room when he noticed the storm. He's been a bit funny about thunder, sort of liking it but also sort of scared too! Looking thru the house into the dining room doors, he says "Storm??" We confirm a storms here and lots of rain too. 

He peers out at the windy scene, turns to me, "Mommy, I go check it out!" and races into the windowed doors to observe the scene. He runs back, grinning. 

"Did you check it out?" I asked. 

"Yes. It raining!! I check it out!" and he runs back. Over. and over. 

Friday night we spent the evenings with friends and their little one had a motorized four wheeler that the kid was obsessed with - meaning he would NOT play with or do anything else but ride this thing. Till we left. Much to our surprise, while cruising thru some saturday morning yard sales the next morning, I noticed the exact same thing in a different color. 

I hopped out of the car, glancing it over. $12 the tag read. Hm. The seller approached me, explaining how it charges, simple to use, trying to sell me. I was sold before I got out of the car. I faked hesitancy. Hmmm. I kept saying. He finally said the words "make me an offer" and I took this baby home for a final price of $8. 

That evening,  husband took it in the backyard for the kid. When his eyes fixated on his new toy, he flashed into a grin, yelling "MY TRACTOR!! MY TRACTOR!!!" As you can see - he was in love;) 

Might just be the best $8 we've ever spent, ya think? I think so! And no worries, this baby rocks out at a max speed of about .01mph. He even rode it around in the basement today while I did laundry. 

We had a great weekend and are always sad to see it go. We'll be back to our usual morning rushes, hurried breakfasts, commutes, and evening scramble. But we all end up back here at the end of the day. With one another. 


Shannan Martin said...

All together!! Yes!

ps - Our kids love to call their Papaw, too. :)

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