Sunday, April 10, 2011

Big Boy Bed...

Something big just happened here tonight. Yea. Pretty monumental.... at least to us in this house... 

See there folks... its official. He's a big boy. In a big boy bed. 

He really feels it now too. New furniture (thank you tax refund) and a bed like big boys. 

He loved his crib. Never once tried to get out. But I'm pretty sure at 3, you move them on...

So, a bit early, we moved on this. The furniture arrived while my dad was in town. 

Thank you Dad for such fantastic timing. That stuff was H E A V Y. 

The room is a work in progress. It's really half big boy room and half nursery stuff. 

I anticipate finishing it sometime within the year. 

I like having a work in progress. Gives me something to browse for at flea markets & sales.

What I don't like? 

This boy growing up so darn fast. 

I told husband, its going to be tough tonight. He won't stay in the bed. He might cry. 

I knew it wouldn't be an easy transition. Such change! 

And you know what happened? 

We read books, sang a few songs, and gave goodnight kisses. 

And that boy - he did just fine. Fine! 

He put his head on that pillow and went right to sleep. 

I flurried around downstairs busying myself, anticipating the problems, the tears, the drama. 

Silence. Any minute now... but nope. not one sound. no drama. easy-peasy. 

What's crazy? I was a wee bit sad it was so easy. 

He didn't need that darn crib. He was ready! 

Me? not so much... 


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