Thursday, April 14, 2011

Egg Hunt Gone Wrong...

somehow we worked in 2 egg hunts this year for the kid. Thankfully we did.

Egg hunt #1 was hands down, the worst egg hunt in history. It was mobbed with so many kids. I mean, packed. it was just a huge room with some eggs thrown around. 

see below...

all those kids surrounding that open area and about 100 eggs thrown around on the floor. 

GO! was yelled. kids scrambled to get an egg.

many kids walked away with empty baskets! 

Here's the boys showing their one little egg:( 

The 'coordinator' (should we still call him that if it was uncoordinated?) yelled, "who needs more eggs?", walks out with a garbage full of more eggs, and dumps them in a pile. 

Um - Ok. 

I cursed the whole way home that we'd never go back there. ever again.  Whispery cursing though and just to husband. 

Never again! for anything!
an egg hunt. 
a free food give away. 
free money.

NO reason will pull me back to that place! okay, maybe the free money. but otherwise - no way!

The only plus of the night was the Easter Bunny.

we don't talk much about ole bunny around here so I didn't think the kid would much care. 

But holy moses was I wrong. 

There was jumping with excitement, pointing, yelling, happiness going on with little man:) Photo is proof. He loves the furry fella! 


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