Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More visitors and more golf!

We have had company on and off for the last several weeks and love every second. My bestest Robin came, then my inlaws, and now we just finished up a great weekend with my parents!

A coworker asked me, after my folks had left town, "what all did you guys do?"

"Well.... nothing actually. I just now realized we did nothing but visit, eat, relax, and play with the kid."

It was one one of those visits where we did a bunch of nothing and it was nice:)

The weather was a bit cold and rainy but we cozied up inside and enjoyed one another.

We also ventured out for some good food and even worked in some GOLF for the kid on Sunday too! He finally got to take Big Daddy golfing just as he wished!

Somehow we didn't pull out the camera so i'll be banking on my mom sending me some pics!

On Monday, the final farewell outing was a quick Target trip with Mamaw and Big Daddy.

My two favorite bunny rabbits:) And yes, the kid went home with that very pair, courtesy of Mamaw:) and a couple other little goodies too!

We gave parking lot kisses goodbye and though I anticipated tears being shed, he blew kisses, waved and hopped in the car with me.

As we drove down the road heading home, he asked "Where they going Mommy? Where are they?"

"Well, they are going the other way to go home. To Tennessee. To their home."


"Because thats their home, where they live."

"But... Uh....Hmph.... But I don't want that.... cause, I really wuv them!"

"I really wuv them too Abram!"

He pouted the rest of the ride home.... and asked why a few hundred more times too!


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