Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Its For the Baby...

Expecting company is a great incentive to clean things up but - 

Cleaning with the kid is hit or miss. 

Sometimes he loves to help and we get a lot done. 

He gathers his own dust rag and spray bottle.

Other times? not so much... 

He unfolds, drags out, and disassembles. 

After putting him down for a nap, I ventured in to clean up the guest room disaster on my own.

My mom was coming for a long weekend and she needed to be able to at least enter the room. 

When the kids new furniture arrived, we simply shifted all the baby room stuff into the guest room for sake of time and ease. 

The baby stuff overflowed. Furniture, blankets, clothes, shoes, toys, the list goes on. 

I swore Abram out of there often, telling him its his old baby stuff. 

He's a big boy now. (He loves this:)) 

The kids room came together and the guest room stayed a wreck. 

As I cleaned, I put away and stashed away and donated. 

Time passed. The kid woke. 

"See how clean and nice? Mommy cleaned the - " 

Abram: GASP! "WHAT Happened?!?" 

"I cleaned it out honey. Mamaws comin'. It's Mamaws room." 

"But... But... But... that was for the baby...!"

"What was?" 

"The room. The Baby's Room." 

"What baby???" 

"The baby!" 

"We don't have a baby honey." 

"Not yet..." 

Oh My. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Goin' Fishin'


Its a line we'd been hearing for over a week. 

Ever since the kid waded into the brandywine creek and saw some fishies. 

He had fishin' on the brain. heavy on his mind. 

To reward his awesome behavior at the dentist on Friday (fourth appt, don't get me started), we waltzed into Walmart to buy a fishin' pole and bate. 

bait or bate? bait looks right...

Dad forked out the cash for a fishin' license. (who ever knew you need a license to fish?!?)

Saturday, after a few disappointing fishing locations, we settled at Hibernia State Park. 

With creek options and lake options, we hiked out to the creek first. 

Beautiful day and a beautiful spot! 

The creek was moving but not too quickly. 

The boys didn't have to constantly cast but could let it drift for a bit. 

Five minutes in - "UH! I'm not catchin' anything!"

Try to explaining the patience of fishin' to a 3 year old. 

Especially when you don't even know much about fishin' anyhow! 

He enjoyed reeling it in, helping Dad cast it, and picking different bait to try. 

About 15 minutes in this spot.... 

The fish aren't bitin! Let's try the lake! 

The lake was stocked with fish and somehow, despite their focus... 

We still came home fishless...  we could SEE them, but couldn't catch 'em! 

The kid stomped and whined the whole walk back to the car. 

"Whats wrong?" we inquired. 

"I neeeeedd a fish... i wanna catch one.....!" 

"I didn't get a fish...!!" 

"Honey, I'm sorry. We'll just have to try again another day. They aren't biting." 

"I nneeeeeeeddd a fish...!" 

The fix? Take him to the grocery to see the live lobsters. It worked like a charm:) 

Next time? Mom needs to take a book and - the boys need live bait?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day celebrations

Fathers Day just plum wore us out this year. 

I tried to plan something low key but fun. and different. 

Last year we hit up a Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives location - which rocked btw. 

So this year, I thought hey, why not repeat at a new DDD spot:) 

Sounded fun. and We love the show (Hi Guy!). 

This year. not so fun. or rocking. 

See my boys? The day just wore 'em flat out. 

They started the day in matching outfits. So cute i tell ya. and pink to top it off!

but after a 1 hr 45 min wait to get into Honey's Sit N Eat, the day ended with them slumped onto the sofa in wrinkles shirts and boxer shorts... 

The wait was hot. and L O N G. and L O N G E R. and hot. 

And the food? Well, it was good. probably better than average. 

but for that long of a wait, I needed to be blown away. we weren't. 

We finally returned home to relax. 

I wish I made a picture of dad's gift bag that he opened that morning. 

It contained: a framed picture of Abrams footprint as of the day before (so cute!), an Eddie Vedder CD, a fake mini tree courtesy of Abram, a rock from the yard, and a homemade fathers day card with a front cover of courtesy of artist abram and his new finger paints. 

The interior of the card, I wrote out my latest interview with the kid about Daddy.

It sums up the kid at age 3 pretty well... 

It Reads: 

Mom: Hey Abram, do you love Daddy? 

Abram: Yes! I do. umm.... No. 

Mom: Yes you do! Why? Why do you love him? 

Abram: because I really do! 

Mom: Ohhh, hey, where does Daddy work? 

Abram: At to the store. No. At to the hotel. 

Mom: Right. Why do you like Daddy's work? 

Abram: because I really do!

Mom: What does Daddy like to eat? 

Abram: Uh, Tacos! No, hotdogs! nothing else. Rice! No, I eat rice. 

Mom: What's Daddy's favorite animal? 

Abram: Dogs. 

Mom: Why does he like dogs? 

Abram: because he really do! 

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