Saturday, June 25, 2011

Goin' Fishin'


Its a line we'd been hearing for over a week. 

Ever since the kid waded into the brandywine creek and saw some fishies. 

He had fishin' on the brain. heavy on his mind. 

To reward his awesome behavior at the dentist on Friday (fourth appt, don't get me started), we waltzed into Walmart to buy a fishin' pole and bate. 

bait or bate? bait looks right...

Dad forked out the cash for a fishin' license. (who ever knew you need a license to fish?!?)

Saturday, after a few disappointing fishing locations, we settled at Hibernia State Park. 

With creek options and lake options, we hiked out to the creek first. 

Beautiful day and a beautiful spot! 

The creek was moving but not too quickly. 

The boys didn't have to constantly cast but could let it drift for a bit. 

Five minutes in - "UH! I'm not catchin' anything!"

Try to explaining the patience of fishin' to a 3 year old. 

Especially when you don't even know much about fishin' anyhow! 

He enjoyed reeling it in, helping Dad cast it, and picking different bait to try. 

About 15 minutes in this spot.... 

The fish aren't bitin! Let's try the lake! 

The lake was stocked with fish and somehow, despite their focus... 

We still came home fishless...  we could SEE them, but couldn't catch 'em! 

The kid stomped and whined the whole walk back to the car. 

"Whats wrong?" we inquired. 

"I neeeeedd a fish... i wanna catch one.....!" 

"I didn't get a fish...!!" 

"Honey, I'm sorry. We'll just have to try again another day. They aren't biting." 

"I nneeeeeeeddd a fish...!" 

The fix? Take him to the grocery to see the live lobsters. It worked like a charm:) 

Next time? Mom needs to take a book and - the boys need live bait?


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