Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Hampshire Bound...

We ventured there last year for a quick weekend away. 

This year we ventured back since we loved it so very much! 

Keene, NH:) 

Small town, cute shops, good food, great hotel, and a Lake! 

We stay just off Main Street - so we walk to breakfast or shops as we please without hopping in the car. 

It's never fun getting there - we venture through NJ, NY, and lower CT = Traffic. Ugh. 

but heading back in usually worse - vacation is over! 

Last year we went over the July 4th holiday and this year we went in late August. 

I think sometime between the two would be best.

I'm already looking forward to our trip next year - so relaxing and fun!

We spent most of our days on Spofford Lake... 

shoveling sand, looking for shells (yes there were shells!), swimming, and boat watching. 

The kid had his tube and went wayyy out there with dad! The slope was very gradual and the water warm so it's perfect for kids! (and moms who hate cold water)

He loved watching the boats, jet skis, and skiers going by! 

And look at this white boy - I had him layered in SunScreen head to toe! 

We ate dinner at The Stage twice - such yummy food. and outdoor seating right on Main St. 

He also got some lessons at the hotel pool table! 

I think his favorite purchase of the trip was his new goggles.

While he loves his change holder that says NH with a Moose on it...

He really really loves his goggles! 

So much so - that he found new uses for them once we were home! 

Video below - Enjoy:) 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Brandywine...

Somehow we discovered this special place along the Brandywine River. 

You're driving along a two lane, rough paved, highway then suddenly, to your right, are parking spots. 

only about 5 spots for small cars. 

and a little stairway leading down an unseen path. 

Husband brought us here. 

We wandered down the stairs with the kid and discovered a complete summer sanctuary.

dropping green trees, pebbles, and river water so clear you can see every rock. 

its a forge, where you can wade through, only up to your knees in most spots. 

looking west, you can see a few teens in a swimming hole, much deeper. 

they're dangling from a rope swing, screaming with fun. 

the three of us wade, pick up rocks, throw pebbles, and realize - 

its abram's first time in a river! 

there are not many swimming hole around there parts - but theres this:) 

These were made with my awful cheap phone, so the quality is shaky... 

but the point was, I actually remembered to take some pics. Me for once! 

Abram rode home naked as a jay bird, his wet clothes piled in the back. 

We plan to come back - often! 

My only wish is that we'd known of it sooner... 

It felt like such good country fun! 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Movie Night

We're in the midst of watching the Toy Story movies. 

Dinner beforehand was eaten 'picnic style' in the living room on an old blanket. 

The kid was so darn excited about a picnic dinner, he ate everything on his plate! 

We spread the sleeping bags and propped up on pillows. 

Husband threw some popcorn on the stove in real oil with real kernels and popped it up on the stovetop, sans microwave. 

The real deal is so much better than the micro stuff, isn't it?

He throws on a bit of earth balance and salt = YumO:) 

Below, the boys are tuned into Toy Story 2.

These movies are so cute. Enjoyable for adults and littles. 

Afterward, the kid was practically in tears because he'd gotten the idea we were going to sleep there, on that very floor, in our sleeping bags after the movie. 

That was not the plan. 

The sleeping bags husband & I use are for 35 degree weather. 

Not 78 like the living room. 

plus, kid gets up crazy early whenever he sleeps right beside us, which is a rare occasion usually reserved for traveling and hotel rooms. 

Perhaps in the fall its an option since he was so psyched over the prospect of such an event... 

But it was a fun night. Picnic dinner. Movie night. Popcorn. 

Toy Story 3 to come via Netflix streaming while we're on our trip to NH!

So excited to get back up to the New England area!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Another day at the beach...

Once more, we returned to put our feet in the sand, but a bit further South.

Bethany Beach, DE.

 Can I just say, I instantly liked it better there than the Jersey Shore. 

Perhaps it was simply that I knew, in my head that we were south of the Mason-Dixon. 

But it also just seemed more family friendly. More us;)

And lucky for us, we were staying the night with this guy! 

And I paid him in locally grown organic broccoli and organic dark chocolate.

I've always loved the barter system. 

Our host had a goodie for the kid - a boogie board! 

And for the first time ever, he enjoyed the water, barely bothering with the sand! 


"I Wanna do my bug board!" 

"That was Cool!" 

It was great fun to see him enjoying the water, for two whole days. 

We also enjoyed some pool time at John's place, with the kid using his swimmies and swallowing gulps of chlorinated water while laughing. 

We attempted teaching him to hold his nose. He would hold it, let go, and jump in. 

Still working on that obviously. 

And who I am to teach him a thing about swimming when I can't do it myself. 

Reminder to self - check YMCA's list for swim lessons for self Abram. 

The beach wears ya out. 

Especially when you're helping a 3 year old boogie board, for hours, for days.

But, we had such fun with great friends and sunny days;) 

Side note: I had moisture on the lens of the crappy camera for all but about two pictures so pardon the blur! 

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