Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finally - some snow!!!

I should have known that this year, we would barely get snow. 


because I bought the kid all new gear - snowbibs, boots, gloves, hat. 

And those who know me know - I rarely buy NEW. 

I hoped his coat from last year would still work - it sorta did, especially considering we've barely had a drop of snow. The sleeves are slightly short but hey, it'll do!

So since i was ready for winter, it's decided not to come. 

But this morning, we actually got a few little inches - 3 maybe? 

I was bundling the kid up and pushing him out the door before he'd hardly rolled out of bed. 

had to get to the snow before it was gone! 

Sledding with Dad - 

Trying to get Daddy with a snowball!

He loves his tube Santa brought last year! 

I apologize for the foggy bad photos. Two reasons they aren't good. 1 - i have a terrible beat up point and shoot camera i use. 2 - I was the person making the pictures. 

What can I say - I'm no photographer. 

The kid had a tough time walking in all his gear - but he was warm! 

And while he loved sledding, he was intent on "SNOWBALL FIGHT" - as he kept yelling. 

Apparently he's watched some wintry TV shows that involve snowball fights possibly?? 

Not sure but that was #1 on his priority list, thats for sure! 

I ran inside to whip up some homemade hot cocoa while the boys wrapped things up outdoors... 

He ran into the dining room yelling "I really really want Marshmallows in it!!!"

 Luckily, we had some - and it was tasty good and toasty warm!

A great snow day at home with my boys. I hope there are many more to come this winter!


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