Friday, January 20, 2012

It's A ....

Here we are breaking the baby news to the kid.

Husband and I went to the ultrasound that afternoon and waited to tell him the news until we were home so we could record his reaction:) so glad we did!

He's been holding out for a brother - BIG TIME. 

I kept reminding him - it might be a girl. 

"I know I know Mommy. God decides... but its prolly gonna be a boy..." 

Ohhh K Mister.

Another day he added - "it has to be a boy... cause cause - i don't know any girl names!"

Because he's naming the baby right? Oh my. 

Can you tell he loves grapefruit? lol... 

And here's a few pictures of our #2 in the womb - amazing huh? 

While the kid is pumped to be a brother - he was still slightly paranoid there was a girl in there too - somewhere ha. 

We've assured him NOPE. Just a little bro! 

I went for a checkup and Abram had to tag along. 

I explained they were going to check on the baby... 

He was good as gold at the appt. I took the ipad for reassurance that he would be entertained.

The doctor entered (same one that delivered Abram!) and he told her there was a baby in my tummy:) 

He went back to his game, the doctor did her thing - measurements, listened to the heartbeat, etc, then said her goodbyes... 

"Okay kid, lets go!" 

He looked up from his game. "What? What happened? Where's the Dr?" 

"She left. She's done. She checked the baby and we're done." 

"But - i didn't see her take it out!" he sputtered, clearing frustrated. 

"oh honey... no no, she checks it through mommy's tummy!"

"OH." he said,  gaving a little eye roll before sliding off the chair, as if to say - why was i excited for this? haha - poor little fella...  


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