Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Snack Time

The kid used to eat most anything.

Veggies. Fruits. Nuts. Grains. Any Color. Any Shape. Any Anything!

Then somewhere along the way - he decided that wasn't gonna be anymore -

and I've been struggling to keep him eating variety ever since.

So in this new year, I'm trying to get creative.

This is his newest snack tray (yep, an ice cube tray with a new purpose!)... 

Cheese Puffs, Whole Wheat Pretzels, Bear Grahams, Almond Butter for dipping, string cheese, corn, peas, edamame, raw carrots, vanilla yogurt for dipping, strawberries, clementine, strawberries, blackberries and mango!

He ate most all of it up! Good Snack Mommy!  he raved... 

he least favorite was the corn. Next time i'll add some nuts because he loves them and they're packed with good fats. And probably do more raw veggies which he likes better - then add a dip for those like ranch. 

Side note - Abram is very into when the baby will come. and what we will call it. 

He's coming up with some names all on his own! 


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