Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New year folks! 

We had a fabulous 2011 Christmas with lots of family and friends... 

We did not have a family photo made this year nor did we send out cards :( 

Bad me! 

But we did get yet another cutie pie pic of the kid with Santa. 

He loves that guy! 

After spending almost a week visiting family in both Western PA and NE Tennessee... 

we returned home to see what Santa had left for our boy!

He left a note for Santa, ONE cookie, and a bit of water. 

I suggested milk but nope, water was definitely what Santa wanted according to Abram!

He insisted on wearing his reindeer jam-jams to bed and couldn't wait till morning...

He ensured his manger scene was setup just how he wanted before he tromped off to bed. We've been talking more about the baby Jesus this season and he's having a hard time grasping it.

I took him to a birthday party for Jesus with the mom's church through our church.

He kept asking "Is Jesus coming??" I explained I doubt he would, he was busy in heaven, with God.

"He's not coming to his own birthday party?!"

Well No and I was pondering a deeper explanation when Abram said -

"Well how am I supposed to ask him if I can have some cake?!"
It was really all about the cake ha:) 

Isn't that manger scene just precious? I kept it on the bottom shelf of a cabinet so he could play with it and rearrange it daily - and he did! 

Santa wrapped some of his presents - and some others he had sitting out, ones that appeared to be too much trouble to wrap - 

We ended up taking more video with our flip video camera on christmas morning - so that meant way less pictures! But it was an awesome morning full of excitement and joy and surprise:) 

He adored every little present he got from Santa! Especially Buzz:) 

I even made some homemade sticky buns using canned biscuits - and they were G.O.O.D. I think thats going to be a tradition, those there sticky buns - yumo! 


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