Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Comes Thru

Each year Santa comes to our neighborhood. 

On a fire truck!

and the fire truck runs its siren as it goes through every street in the township. 

All morning. 

And it just so happens to always be on a morning when I'm trying to sleep in. 


It happened last year. 

And whadda ya know?

Again this year. 

I'm a lucky gal what can I say? 

But the kid loves it... 

and waits for him in his Jammies each year! 

Santa greets each boy and girl on the street and hands out Candy Cans. 

Not Candy Canes

Candy Cans, per Abram:) 

I took him to a parade later that day. 

That was 45 minutes late starting. And it was 22 degrees. 

We left early and I didn't have one bit of guilt over it either!

Honestly, how many times does he need to see Santa! 


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