Saturday, December 10, 2011

Finally - Our Tree!

Last year, we spent the day on a christmas tree farm getting the tree, riding a horse and sleigh, cutting our own tree down, blah blah blah. 

It was fun. And incredibly cold. And long. 

This year - we had our tree on the car in about 20 minutes. 

And in the house another 20 minutes later. 

Sometimes the simple really is better. 

Way better. 

Some special ornaments this year: 

the kid's disney ornament from my mom and dad... 

And the ornament from our first Christmas together as a married couple - 10 years ago:) 

Husband often claims I am not festive - or I am Bah Hum Bug. 

Which is just not true.

I just don't like to put up Christmas decorations. 

That doesn't mean I don't have the Christmas spirit folks! 

I shop. I wrap. I'm happy. I play Christmas Music! 

What more do we need? 

We'll apparently a tree. and lights. Decorations. and a whole slew of other things I just don't know about. 

So for our tree decorating night - I insisted we play Christmas music, drink egg nog, and roast Chestnuts. 

Festive right? Very Christmas-spiritish of me I thought!

The egg nog was awesome. The music good. and the chestnuts Gross. 

Who really bothers roasting those things on an open fire? 


Vicki said...

Such a precious picture you will treasure for years! Merry Christmas, sis! I love you!

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