Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sharing & Spitting

Before Nap, we read "What's Fair is Fair" featuring Piggy and Kermit. 

The book ends with some questions I ask the kid: 

Me: Have you ever shared something that was important to you? 

Kid: No! shaking his head... 

Me: How did it make you feel? okay, not applicable. 

Me: Do you like it when your friends share with you? 

Kid: Nodding, Oh yes! 

Me; Why do you think it's important to share? 

Kid: So people can play with stuff!

Kid: But really mommy, you shouldn't spit. 

Me: Um, true. You shouldn't. 

Kid: Yea, you shouldn't spit. on people, or walls, or the floor, or on lights. or even on Christmas trees

Me: Very good point. You haven't been spitting have you? 

Kid: No! No! 

Me; Never?? 

Kid: nope. Never. 


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