Wednesday, November 26, 2008

27 weeks

I track his age in weeks. And also in months. He was 6 months old last friday. Today he's 27 weeks. At some point, I suppose i'll just revert to months. Or maybe not, since I'm obsessed with the kid. Obsessed in a good, fun, motherly sort of way. He's been eating carrots. and he loves carrots. I'm not surprised. While pregnant, once i wasn't puking my guts out, I drank carrot juice, ate carrots as a side dish, and even had them chopped up on my salad. So we knew he'd love carrots. He likes peas. And apparently, the rice cereal is growing on him.

I would upload some new photos but our camera is broken. We can still take pictures but cannot upload them anymore. Something in the camera, where the cord plugs in, connecting computer to camera, is broken. so we are still snapping away but can't constantly post photos of the kid - bummer:( maybe we'll find a camera repair shop? do those exist? Thats my idea. Husbands idea? New Camera of course!!

So, for the most recent photo of the kid, click here. My friend Michelle took a few snapshots while we had dinner the other night at Arpeggio, and posted them on her blog. If you have a chance, also check out her photography website here - she makes great photos!!


michelle said...

ha! thanks for the "plug!"

what about taking the camera card out and instering it in your comp/ thats what i do. i dont have a cord!

cant wait to see u next weekend!

Julia said...

Sad about the camera but with Xmas there are awesome deals. A place out here called Frys's Electronics always has insane low prices and they may be doing free shipping. I think Santa needs to come early this year so you can keep up with your pictures on the blog.

Vicki said...

What a great photo - he is the handsomest (not sure I spelled that correctly but whatever!) little baby EVER!

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