Wednesday, January 7, 2009


News Flash! We have finally loaded all new pictures onto the mac and i'll be posting them as soon as i have a brief moment. well no, a long moment actually. brief just won't be enough time! No, our camera connection isn't repaired. Husband brought home some contraption from work where you insert your camera card, and a wire connects that to the laptop, etc - load photos! whatever it is, I hope we can continue to borrow it on occasion, until we either fix camera connection or buy new camera. ugh. either one sounds like it will cost us some cash. damn. maybe i'll catch a good after christmas sale??? fingers crossed.

Photos we loaded - more of the kids first snow. the kid sleeping. eating. smiling. sitting up and sitting in a box. chewing on wrapped packages. holding bows. first christmas. laying in a pile of torn up wrapping paper. being held by lots of family/friends over the holidays. I won't bore you with posting them all. just the cute ones. well thats too many lol. so a few of the cute ones. stay tuned.

FYI - the kid has a new cuz, ashley claire:) he's psyched to have another cuz his age (now thats two, taylor and now ashley) but is wondering, where are the other boys? Guess we'll have to adopt BF Cole as an adopted cuz. I think Robin will be okay with that!!


mayash's zone said...

you have a little cute boy ^_^

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