Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

We managed to go out to dinner for valentines! we rarely go out to dinner anymore - we usually go to lunch if we go. So this was a special treat. Husband picked one of my favorite places!! Lemongrass Thai Cuisine - LOVe it. And its kid friendly so abram went along to celebrate the love day with us... He really enjoys sitting in the high chair instead of his carrier, and staring at everyone - the waitresses, other customers, kids, and grabbing at everything he could possibly get his hands on. We snapped a couple pics while waiting on our food.

He was all dressed up in his little sweater. The mohawk hairdo is dying down a little bit but still there. his hair mainly seems to just be growing in the middle and a wee little bit in the back. no side action going on! In some pictures, the hair has a reddish color to it but not in person. so not sure where thats coming from. Anyway, great valentines day out! Yummy Thai food - husband did good. The kid had to settle for carrots even though he's really starting to want whatever i am eating. grabbing for it, crying for it, etc. I told him - green curry is too spicy for you kid! he still wanted it! I said - you're carrots are homemade and organic! He still didn't care:)


Angela Hoffmann said...

oooh he is growing so fast! Looks like a wonderful evening out!
thanks for sending me the changing it now in my list!!

xo's to you is good here at the moment....ha ha

michelle said...

love ALL the pictures and updates! i need to see you guys soon! abram already looks like a different kid!

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