Tuesday, February 10, 2009

His Newest Noise

The kid makes a variety of grunts, sputters, and cries but this low deep grunting is now his favorite it seems! And he responds when we do it back haha... great fun we have here:)



Beach Bum Johnnie said...

OMG he is so funny

Kristen said...

Oh how funny!!! So cute! He sounds like a baby lamb!

Julia said...

I love the waving motion of his hands. The babies are so wobbly and cute. He has such a "manly" baby voice. I dont think either of my kids had such deep voices, even now! The saucer time is so much fun!

Vicki said...

Too funny! I can't wait to see him in PERSON!!!

Anonymous said...

This video CRACKS ME UP!!
Jennifer (Johnson / Testerman)

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