Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Latest

sometimes i get into posting pictures and forget to write down what the kid is actually doing. there are so many little things (and big stuff too) that i need to jot down for even myself because i know it will go so fast i'll easily forget!

Ticklish. The dr said it takes a few months for this to 'kick in' on a baby and with the kid, its definitely kicked in. he is SO incredibly ticklish which we find great fun and so does he. when he gets a little fussy i sometimes tickle him to cheer him up. sometimes this works. and sometimes it does. and when it doesn't, he still laughs while also crying. and then gets a puzzled look like, why am i laughing? i'm sad! he must get this ticklish trait from husband. i'm ticklish but husband is incredibly ticklish all over!

Bouncing. He started this while sitting on our bed one day. I place him in the middle while i clean up, get dressed, brush teeth, etc. and he realized if he pushs with his legs/feet a little bit, it will bounce his butt. so he's a fulltime bouncer now. on our bed or in his crib, he immediately gets to bouncing! and he also does it while on the floor or his mat in the kitchen but tires of it faster in those spots without the springs underneath to make it more fun. he also has realized he can move forward a bit by doing this and reach something a little easier. Smart cookie!

Illnesses. Since starting daycare, he's often got some cold like symptoms, ie runny nose, cough. But recently its been a bit more serious like a high fever and a viral infection, which resulted in a rash. yikes. He was diagnosed with his first ear infection on monday, Feb 2:( He was very fussy over the weekend. we knew he had a viral infection but thought it had run its course. apparently not and it was back to the doctor. husband took the day off to be with him and take him to his appointment. He's on the mend now.

Reaching. Not only is he reaching for anything in site, he is so easily distracted by something he wants too. while nursing, if he spots to tv remote, my cell phone, house phone, the dog, he's popping his head up and going for it! Makes nursing a bit more challenging! He's also reaching for what he wants and falling over himself to get it. he's had a few face plants, yikes! i feel really badly but he was uninjured and its bound to happen as he begins to explore and try to be more mobile. Oh and he loves to reach for the dogs. nelly specifically because she always right there. sammy's tail was wagging near the kid just yesterday and he was reaching but the tail kept moving. he just couldn't get it!! I promptly told him no of course, to which he grinned and tried again. at what point do i start discipline? ha. i thought now but it does NOT seem to register. well see!

Sleep. we have good nights and bad nights. a good night he goes to bed and is asleep by 8pm. he sleeps soundly till 1am, where he wakes up, nurses, then back to bed till 7:15am. a bad night, he goes to bed easily at 8 (always) and is up again at 10, midnight, then usually again around 3:30. These days its hit and miss. a few good nights and we think we've turned the corner. then wham, bad nights resume. but hey, its better than all bad!

Eating. until recently he ate whatever i gave him. but a week or so ago, he refused a food for the first time. Peas. he'd had them before but somehow, someway, he decided, No, i don't want peas! mouth shut. head turned. he looked back at me. i put the spoon back on his lips, again. he grunts, puts his chin to his chest as if to say, I said NO mom. fine. so yet another banana. he loves bananas.

Teething. Still JUST teething. sigh. no teeth. not that i'm desperate for him to have chompers. but desperate for teething to be over. its been making his nights so restless. so for his sake (and yes, my own too!) we hope the first one or two come through very soon!!

Crawling. Nope. still just rolling around and bouncing. he will spend a brief amount of time on his belly and then plp - roll onto his back or side. He just seems content with these things so we aren't concerned. and still enjoying him being stationary! not chasing him all over the house. we realize its a whole new ballgame when he becomes mobile and thankfully we aren't there yet.

Communication. He's always done this wrist thing. I've thought about how to explain it but really can't. he flips his wrists up and down is the best i can explain. but now he does this and makes an "uh uh uh" sound. not crying just a slight whine noise maybe. its become his communication to say many things: pick me up, i'm done being in my high chair, i'm tired, i'm excited, and if he's staring and something and doing it, it means, hand me that! so we are usually able to figure it out haha... i do a few signs with him (all done, eat, kiss, milk) but they seem to go in one eye and out the other.

Around We Go Activity Center. He has this activity center that he plays in (i'll try to post a pic at some point) that he loves. there is a seat he stands in that can go around the center base where the play pieces are. so he can walk himself around this circle. when we first got it, months ago, he could barely reach the play pieces in the middle. had no idea how to walk around it or even turn the seat. But now, he is a rockstar in this thing! he often does laps around it for fun. and stops and turns to the middle and plays with the piano. the fish. the boat and anchor set. chews on whatever he can. yesterday, i sat by the coffee table near it, and he was on the other side playing with the fish. he saw me sit down, immediately walked around to my side to see me. and grinned. Too Cute.

Vaccines - i've gotten a few emails from a few of you wanting to know what vaccines we have gotten thus far and what we will do in the future. i'll try to post that this weekend if possible.


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Great updates! I just have to say - I'm with ya on the peas, Abram!!! :-)

Julia said...

You're going to be so happy you have written all that down! I copy my blog once a month and put it in word and save like a back up. When you cant remember these details later you will be able refresh your special memories. Your kid's going to have a history he can look at later.

I love the hand talking...

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