Monday, March 2, 2009

the darndest places

these days, he just gets himself into the darndest places. part of the reason is because he doesn't crawl forward, only backwards, and lots of rolling. So when he sees something he wants, he goes for it, but not always in the most direct route!

Yes, he's pulling on a cord there - the phone cord, which No, i don't normally let him play with! in the midst of capturing a pic, he got to hold onto it for .01 of a second. he loves what he can't have - cords, remotes, house phone, cell phone, our food, our plates, restaurant menu, glasses, etc... !

He doesn't pull up on the furniture just yet because he can't seem to get a good hand grip. but if we stand him there, he balances and holds on for dear life!

his frustration with not being able to crawl forward is growing by the day so theres lots of groaning, grunting, and whining as he rocks on all fours. he's desperate to figure it out but just can't quite do it. so he'll finally push back, into his sitting position, which is a skill he's master. last night he was crying and when i went in his room to check, (midnight mind you) he was sitting in the very corner of his crib, as far in the corner as he could be, just crying his eyes out haha... because he'd lost his pacifier. i gave it back, laid him down, and he was back out.

sleeping is going better. he is up once a night and it does seem that its just to eat. i've checked some books out of the library about sleep habits for babies, and how to manage it. there are so many different theories and suggestions its hard to decide whats best. but many of them focus on a schedule for baby, and with our life, its just not that practical. the kids in daycare all week so they set the schedule actually. and i think the 'schedule' there is just whatever the kids do. ha. anyway, he gets up usually around 2am, eats, and then goes back to bed rather easily. sometimes i do give him two teething tablets which help when i think its the teeth. Which he still has NONE of - yep, no teeth yet! we're waiting on those little suckers. any day now. we've been saying that for ohhh 4 months now? haha...


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